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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some more pictures from the farm

Avery, cousin Hannah, me and Uncle Dick on Christmas eve.
Avery got an Oklahoma Sooners t-shirt for Christmas. I got an Oklahoma calendar and we both got gift cards to Barnes and Noble, which we already spent (and then some).
Every farm needs a broken down tractor.
Avery chasing the guineas into the tree. Still acts like a kid.
Dogs rompin' around the pond. The water is red because the soil where they live is red.
Avery building an igloo. It ended up just being a big pile of snow.
The house and bird coops.
Hannah giving the dog some love. I absolutely loved this dog. Her name was Kyro (but I thought it should have been Kyra...more girly sounding). She reminded me so much of Taboo. I tried to convince my uncle to let me take her home with me, but he wasnt havin' it.
Annie is the dog on the right. She's their older dog that they've had for a really long time...even when Taboo lived there for the summer when I went to Spain.
Dinnertime for the goats. They walked out their all together in a line with the donkey bringing up the rear. Kinda funny.
Hannah takes good care of all of her fathers animals.
Good times!

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