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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Gross of Cookies

Not gross cookies...a gross of cookies. did you know that 12 dozen is called a gross? I knew there must be a name for a dozen dozen, so I looked it up and sure enough....it's called a gross.

144= 1 gross

Today I baked a gross of cookies. 6 dozen Oatmeal Craisen with white chocolate chips and 6 dozen Peanut Butter with chocolate chunks.


I feel like Betty Crocker or something. I've been baking cookies since about 5pm....and it's midnight now. Of course, I did do other things throughout the day as well, mostly run Avery around town and lots of dishes.

I'm feeling very much in the spirit of giving/kindness this year. Connectedness...I feel blessed to have many wonderful people who I love and who love me, who are my friends and I value their friendship, coworkers who are amazing, and I get to spend Christmas with family for the first time in a few years. And Avery has just been awesome this last week...I think he might be starting to get it.

Merry Christmas all!


Anonymous said...

ya!!! Thats great the Averys been so good!! Those cookies look good. Alyssa made us some cookies tonight and she put ice cream in the middle and made an ice cream sandwich! It even had sprinkles on the outside edge!! She is my little betty crocker!!!


We love you from Alyssa and Nathan!!

MarĂ­a said...

Alisha, that sounds great, all those cookies. 12 dozen cookies is a lot of work! I would not like the part of washing the dishes. I did enough of that this weekend. I enjoy reading your blog; your writing is great! Very entertaining and full of the joy of life, as well as the joy of sharing with others.
best of luck, this last week of the semester and the last week before the holiday break.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cookies, Alisha - they were delish! Enjoy your Texan time. Definitely no need for snowpants - yay! Mark's (Kipnuk) coming in to town on Friday night and we're trying to plan a mini-gathering to welcome him. The last time he was here, we went to bed early and were poor hosts to a person wanting to stay up late sharing adult conversation and beverages. This is our effort to make up for our previous subpar performance. Join us if you're feeling packed and are still in town. I'd guess around 7.