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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nutcracker evening

We had a really, super lazy day today. I slept until past noon...it was great. Then we just lounged around reading and enjoying the 75 degree temps in the backyard. I cooked up a couple Alaskan salmon recipes for my cousin, then we went to see the Nutcracker.
The performance was at Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth. The building itself was gorgeous inside and out.
I think Avery described the ballet the best. He said, "It was...nice." And it was...nice. The dancing was beautiful and the costumes were really nice, but it was really slow. Too slow for our tastes. We like things upbeat and exciting. The ballet was nice, but it just wasnt our thing. Well, you live and you learn. We're just not ballet people. It was fun to get all dressed up and go out on the town though.
After the show, we walked around the downtown area for a little bit and stopped off at the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble for a hot chocolate and something sweet.
Christmas Eve already? How does it go so fast? MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


alisha said...

In the first picture...anyone notice...I'm wearing heals and Avery is still taller than me. Is that really possible?

Crystal said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I Love You Guys!! Have a Safe Holiday. Avery you are growing to be a very handsome man!Finally, got a new computer so now im all over the blog. I got a scanner so I can send you pics too! Gotta go play a game of bowling on the WII..

Anonymous said...

WOW!! you guys look amazing!! ITs always fun to dress up and just go out. I cant believe Avery...hes just so grown up and handsome!! We had a wonderful christmas morning. Nathan woke up went down stairs and ran back up saying "We must have been good because santa brought us about 2000 presents" it was so cute!! Have a fun day today and tell Avery we said Merry Xmas


Anonymous said...

I mean 14 sorry....I was wishing i was 12