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Monday, December 28, 2009

Famous people

We got to see all of these famous people (and more) in Arlington, Texas yesterday. It was fun!

If you havent figured it out yet, we went to a wax museum. My favorite part was that they had all of the presidents of the US all lined up next to each other. It was really neat to stare into all of the "faces" of the leaders of our country. It was also neat to see how their clothing changed over time.


KuskoMama said...

Oh, I knew it as soon as I saw the first picture!! :) We went to one near Dallas but it was in kind of a po-dunk-ish suburb... don't remember the name any more. Fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Thats so neat!! I am so glad you guys are enjoying your vacation. On jan. 14 i amm going to austin texas to visit my cousin. We are making it a girls weekend. My mom aunt sister in law and 2 cousins. I am really excited. You will have to fill me in on whats good and whats not