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Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost ready to go!

We are leaving for Texas tomorrow (yay!). It comes so quickly. I have done absolutely no packing, but there are alot of other things that I have gotten done....

lesson plans written through mid January
assignments copied, supplies gathered for labs after break
Christmas cookies baked and given out (i did another 8 dozen or so last night)
the truck has a new battery...it wouldnt start again yesterday so I broke down and took care of this issue...How much is a battery in overpriced Alaska, you ask? $215
Snowmachine is running again, BUT...it has no battery now....the battery is...MISSING...arrggg!
All the gifts are bought and shipped out
Christmas cards shipped out
Address on netflix changed so I can get my movies in Texas
Tickets to the nutcracker purchased
Maintenance guy at apt contacted
Averys gift bought
shopping list created (ongoing)
appt for haircut in texas made
Avery picked out a couple books for reading over break
Plastic on windows to keep house warm and elect. bill low while we're gone
Bills paid
phone calls made
January rent paid
Cash withdrawn

cleaning house
finish grading one more assignment
enter grades so that I can come back completely caught up
gift for secret santa gift exchange still has not come in the mail
post office run
personal grooming...paint toenails, facial...have to look my best amongst the civilized people of the world :)
I still need to pick out some books for me
clean out refrigerator

I'm sure there is more than this that I'm not thinking of, but I'm so ready to go! even if I'm not quite ready yet. It's -11 here and 59 in texas right now. its scheduled to be around 60 when we get there on Sunday. And sunny!


Anonymous said...

I'm a 12

I am so excited for you guys!!! If you dont get everything done...no worries it will still be there when you get back!! Call me when you have time to spare!! Have a safe trip if i dont talk to you!!

Still a size 14!!

alisha said...

to: 14

Love you and miss you! Tell the hubby and kids I said MERRY CHRISTMAS and give them a big huge hug from me.

from: 12