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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Go figure

It's been deathly cold for several days in a row now. The kind of cold that is dangerous if you go out for any extended period of time without the correct gear to protect you. When it is cold like that, the sky is always clear and sunny. There's no snow. And all of the flights make it out of town.

Overnight, the temperature has risen 20 degrees from -18 to 2 above. It snowed just a bit and it is scheduled to snow more...alot more! In fact, we have a blizzard watch now and the forecast says that tonight visibility will be reduced to a quarter mile. Just in time for our flight out of here. I've never gotten stuck because of weather before, but everybody that I know has at some point or another. I guess it's my turn. The odds are against me. I hope it doesnt happen. We are scheduled to be on the 8:40 jet outta here. Please, please, please...let our plane make it! But safely. The 60 degrees temp of texas are calling me.

Blizzard Watch

Statement as of 9:00 AM AKST on December 19, 2009

... Blizzard watch remains in effect from 6 PM akst this evening
through Sunday afternoon...

A blizzard watch remains in effect from 6 PM akst this evening
through Sunday afternoon.

An intensifying low pressure system currently approaching the
central Aleutians will move north across the eastern Bering Sea
during the evening through the overnight hours tonight. Strong
southerly flow will bring copious amounts of moisture to the
region... resulting in snow... heavy at times... falling across the
region. Additionally... southeast winds will increase across the
region to 25 to 40 mph beginning early this evening. This will
result in blowing snow possibly reducing visibilities to one
quarter mile or less at times through Sunday morning.
Temperatures will warm significantly to near freezing by late
Sunday morning... and visibilities should improve by early
afternoon... ending the blizzard threat.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A blizzard watch means there is a potential for falling and/or
blowing snow with strong winds and extremely poor visibilities.
This can lead to white-out conditions and make travel very


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Have a safe trip! As for the blizzard--well, I think we got it here, so maybe you won't have to worry. And yes, your comment made it through! Yippee!!! I took off all the "security" things recently, and changed the format, so maybe that helped.

KuskoMama said...

sending you encouragment - if AK Air can land in it, you can bet they will take off. So if it lands your chances of getting out skyrocket.

I've seen many "blizzard warnings" that fail to provide the forecasted blizzard, but I think we're due for one at this point. I hope it strikes AFTER you get outta here. :-)