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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roadtrip part 2

I've put almost 2000 miles on my rental car in just about 10 days. That's more than I normally put on my truck all year long driving around Bethel.

We finally got to see Carlsbad Caverns (i'll post pics later). We went this morning. I'm glad we decided to stick it out and wait for the caverns to open the next day because IT WAS AMAZING. I've been down in plenty of caves and seen a fair share of stalactites and stalagmites, but Carlsbad Caverns topped anything I've ever seen...BY FAR.

I got pulled over on the way home. Avery and I were goofin' off and I crossed over the white line on the right several times and onto the rumble strips. Well, apparently someone called me in as a drunk driver. The officer asked me several times if I had been drinking, then asked if I was tired from driving for a long time. Then he made me follow his pen with my eyes while he shined a flashlight in my face. I hadnt done anything wrong and he let me go on my way, but, man, my hands were shakin' and my heart was pumpin'! It's been a long time since I was pulled over.

We're back in Fort Worth now at my cousins again. Only three more days of vacation left. It sure goes fast. Tomorrow we're going to 6 flags amusement park. Fun!


Anonymous said...

12 you are very lucky that you got off...if it was me i would have gotten a ticket!!


Crystal said...

You Crazy Chick! Pay attention to the roads!! (LOL)... Hope your vacation was great! Happy New Year to you and Avery... Talk to ya soon...