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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Important people

Bethel has two important people visiting today. The United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan(pictured above), is here meeting with representatives from our school district and teachers union. He is conducting a round table meeting to find out our views on NCLB (no child left behind). For as small and out of the way Bethel is, I'm surprised and happy that he came all the way out here. I think it's a wonderful that he is getting out and having conversations with people about issues in education. I also think that it is a show of Barack Obama's dedication to education that he is getting the US Secretary of Education out on the road. GOOD JOB!

Also in town today is the Alaska Commissioner of the Department of Education & Early Development, Larry LeDoux. He came around the school and introduced himself to us within our training sessions. He asked us questions, told us his views on education, tried to inspire us to use technology effectively, and welcomed us to contact him. How wonderful! It always amazes me that Bethel is such a visible place within the state of Alaska. I even met then Govenor, Sarah Palin, when she came to tour the school last year. I feel fortunate to live in a community and teach in a district/school where I feel like the voice (my voice) is being heard.
In other news...
The district inservice this year is better than usual. They've actually hired in professionals from mac and smartboard and various other companies to provide training in technology. AND the district brought all of the teachers from the entire district (400 teachers from an area the size of West Virginia) in to Bethel to receive training together. It is a nice opportunity to collaborate with the other teachers from the district and see friends.

I havent had internet or long distance at my house since being in Bethel. So, if you've called me and i havent called you back that's why. I went to get it hooked up yesterday. My long distance should be ready to go today, but my internet still wont be hooked up until next week. That's also why I havent been blogging much. I have internet access at school, but when I've been here these last few days, they've been keeping us very busy with inservice and training.

Our new apt is all unpacked and I managed to fit everything in.

I got some salmon out of the free fish bin the other day. SCORE! More on the free fish bin in another post.

My camera is officially dead. I am going to try to go online and shop for a new one, but until then the blog my be lacking in pictures.


Anonymous said...

I will keep my eyes open for a digital camera. You know me and shopping!! They accually just had some for 50% off at target. I will try you call you this week. Its been a busy week.

miss you!!

Kassia said...

Free fish bin sounds good to me! Anything free sounds good to me...