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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salmon eggs for dinner

Tonight I attended a chili and corn bread benefit dinner. In addition to the various assortment of chili and cornbread, there was also(in classic Alaska style) some salmon and some salmon egg salad. I've never tried salmon eggs before, so I took the plunge and shoveled a spoonful into my mouth. Contrary to what you might think (and to what I was thinking), they were quite good. They tasted just like salmon itself, but with a completely different texture. They werent squishy at all, which was what I was expecting. They had the texture of beans. Maybe like slightly undercooked baked beans. They were firm and waxy around the outside. It was interesting, but good. The salad part was quite spicy with cucumbers, some herbs, onions, and some kind of creamy white sauce. Surprisingly tasty!

I've been meaning to blog these last few days, but have been super busy and just not in the mood. Not sure why. Second week of school and things are going very well. I enjoy teaching so much. I've got the next few weeks planned out already and it makes me feel good to know that I have prepared good lessons for my students' learning.

A couple of events passed that I would normally have mentioned....First, my blogs bday passed on the 15th of August. I've been blogging now for two years. It has been fun and interesting to keep a record of my Alaskan adventure. Not to mention, that during the long, cold, dark winters my blog has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Thanks to all of my readers for sticking with me. Now that I'm back in Alaska, my comment rate has gone back up again. Also, I wrote my 500th post not too long ago (this post is 503). I cant believe I've written so much on here. If you have a chance to go back, read some of the posts from my first year in Alaska. There sure are some interesting stories!
I think Taboo is rebelling. He has been being bad lately and just really whiney and annoying. I dont think he's happy to be back.

Avery started Boy Scouts back up tonight. They are out right now collecting trash from around the local park area as a part of their community service project.

I finally got my camera ordered. It should be here soon. I cant wait until it gets here...writing on the blog is just not as much fun without pictures to go with stuff. There are so many blogs that I've wanted to write, but didnt because I couldnt put up pictures to go with it.

We had the first frost this morning. It was so thick, we had to scrap the windows on the truck. Now it's cranberry picking season. Last time we were out berry picking there were alot of cranberries, but I didnt pick them because everyone says to wait until first frost to get them. People say they taste better after first frost. I've never picked cranberries before, but I'm going to try to this year.

Today was picture day at school already. Avery wore a nice white collared shirt with blue strips. He looked very handsome. He's doing well in school already. He's taking Algebra this year with the high school kids, so hopefully that will go well. Although, his science teacher told me that he was nodding off in class the other day :) He has been staying up late reading lately. I have a hard time telling him to quit reading to go to bed. And he is getting to that age where his natural clock keeps him up later and doesnt require quite as much sleep. I will be getting on him to get to bed a bit earlier tonight though. He is also going to be playing the trumpet in band this year rather than the sax. He asked me today if we could go to school early on Friday so that he can attend a private trumpet lesson with his band teacher. He is really looking forward to wrestling season starting. He will have a new wrestling coach this year so we'll see how that goes. I think he's hoping to add quite a few more medals to his collection.

Well, I think that's it for now. I'm going to do some reading a probably fall asleep on the couch. Good night!


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Sounds like things are rolling right along there! The salmon eggs sound...interesting. Good job on trying new things. I'm not always that brave.

Crystal said...

That's "NUTS"! Not me. Well the name of the web site is debbiemumm,I went and couldn't find one. Any suggestions?? I'll be calling on Saturday. Great Job Avery keep up the good work. Essi said,"Hi she misses you Aunt Alisha and loves you. We had fun with the WII game." Talk to you soon LOVE you!!

Anonymous said...

That does not sound very good....but I know how you like that white sauce!!!

BigKass said...

Those eggs look like grapes. I'm sure they are much smaller than that though :)