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Monday, August 31, 2009

My old dog

We dont feed Taboo many table foods, but popcorn is one exception. He LOVES popcorn. It all started with feeding him the couple of random burnt ones in each bag and now he comes to expect that we share our popcorn with him.

You know your dog is getting old when he started pooping his pants! Today when we got home from school, he had had diarrhea in his cage. It was really awful and it was EVERYWHERE. I still havent gotten up the courage to clean the cage yet, but Avery bathed the dog and I bathed the dog blankets. It was all very gross. I am beginning to wonder if he is going to be having trouble controlling his bladder/sphincter in his old age. I am seeing a day on the horizon where I might have to put him down and it makes me sad. He'll be 12 soon and his age is really showing. Not to mention that he continues to get more and more crotchety in his old age. He barks at the neighbors all the time now whenever he is out on his chain. It really is just kind of a hassle anymore to have him, but he is such a huge part of our little family that I cant stand the thought of NOT having him around. Any advice from people who have dealt with having an aging dog?

In other news...
I went out camping with the Scouts at the last minute this weekend. I got to go fishing for the first time and caught two salmon. I have pictures and more to come once I get some time to sit and write about it. I cooked up the fresh salmon yesterday and had a few friends over. It was great!

I was told today that I am going to be going to some SIOP training on Friday and will be have a sub in my room so that I can miss the day. I am happy to get some more SIOP training, but not too thrilled about being told 4 days before it is happening. Now I will have to change my lesson plans to prepare for a sub. I was also informed that I will be helping with the district wide SIOP training for our sight (BRHS) on Tuesday. Lots to get ready for.

By having Avery as a student, I am seeing even more what a great kid he is and how intelligent he is. He really picks up on things easily and then once he has it he retains the information. So far he is a great student in my class and is doing very well in his other classes.

It has been cold, rainy, and dreary these last few days. It got down to 34 degrees F a couple of mornings ago. The wind has been pretty persistent. I am anxious to see what this winter has in store for us. The last two winters have been so different from each other. I hope we get lots of snow because it sounds like the shop boys are going to be fixing my snow machine after all.

Thank goodness this weekend is a three day weekend. I need to catch up already. There is just always so much to do. I know there were other things that I wanted to say, but it really is time for bed already.

I cant believe it's September. How does it go so fast?


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Poor Taboo! And poor you guys for having to clean up that unholy mess. Blechh! Our family dog, Holly, who actually lives with my sister now, is going through the same kind of thing, and actually wears a diaper in the house now to keep her from piddling everywhere. Don't know how it would work for the poopers, but it does a good job for the tinkling!

And I know---September! Uggh!

Crystal said...

Poor Taboo!! We LOVE and MISS him except,Essi says, "when he bit her" but she forgives him. I couldn't imagine Alisha Lee without Taboo. Keep your head up and do the best you can. September already... the time flys, Bryant is a big 5th grader, Desi a 3rd grader, and Essi, a KG!!!!! I can't believe it. Great fishing this is the first time? We miss you talk to you soon. Did you get my e-mail?