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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Avery has a magentic personality

First of all, let me clarify....YES, it says magentic, as in magenta, the color. Ok, on to the story...we ate lunch at the chinese restaurant the other day. At the end of the meal, we looked at our fortunes hidden within our fortune cookies. I asked Avery what his said and he replied, "It says 'you have a magentic personality'." And what does that mean, Avery? According to Avery, magentic means smell good. So, I asked Avery, "What you're saying is that your fortune is that you have a smell good personality?" Yep!

I asked him if there was any possibility it said magnetic. Ohhhhhhhhh. Smile.
Avery and I got to spend a super short 19 or so hours visiting with my friends who live outside of Chicago. Kassia and I were originally supposed to road trip from Vegas back to the midwest at the end of July, but because of my family emergency, the funnest part of my summer had to be cancelled.
But I was happy to at least get to hang out with them for a short time. Next year, we'll go do something spectacular, Kas!
Avery and I just got done sleeping for a couple hours in the airport. We can go get our rental car in about a half hour to commence with a mad dash to all of the big box stores in Anchorage for as many supplies as we can cram into 6 boxes. The ability to accurately gage how close a box/bag is gettting to the 50 pound limit is a skill that I have acquired after these two years in Alaska.

Also, as a testament to how we've gotten used to the Alaska way of life, Taboo ate all of the food that we brought for him to eat while we're traveling. Usually, he doesnt touch it.

We will be back in Bethel this evening and our old Bethel phone number should be hooked back up by Friday. Today's the last day that I'll be able to answer my cell phone, so if you feel a burning urge to call me, you'd better get on it. Thank goodness that it is still light out at midnight because we will need to move at least our beds into our new apt tonight.

Gotta go. Time to shop.


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...


Wait, family emergency? Did I miss something while our dial-up internet was being transferred into something glorious? I need to go back and read! I hope everything's okay!

Cheers (although I'm NOT excited) to a great school year in Bethel!

alisha said...

Thanks Tamara! Cheers to a great school year in Virginia as well, although I have a feeling that you still have a bit more of summer left unlike me who has to go back to work THIS MONDAY. yuck! and yay! at the same time. :)

fyi...i still cant comment on your blog. I tried to comment the other day when you wrote about how down you were feeling, but it didnt show. I hope you are making the most of the rest of your summer and remember...without the bitter, the sweet just aint as sweet.

Jake and Janelle Snyder said...

Good luck w/ starting up your year! I'm not wanting to go back yet, of course, but it's going to be a great year--I can feel it. =) I'm working next week to try to get a jump-start... the 17th is our first official day back.