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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Postage due

I had a boatload of mail waiting upon my return to Bethel. Included in the pile were a couple of interesting things...

1. I got my professional 5 year teaching certificate, but had to pay 51 cents in order to claim it. I think it is a bit ridiculous that the Alaska STATE department of education did not put proper postage on a document that is allowing me to teach in a state that has a hard time finding teachers.

2. I received a refund check from my cable company for 9 cents. Yes! 9 wopping cents. If you figure the paper to print the check cost 5cents and the postage was 42 cents (or whatever postage is now) and then there were the employees who were paid to handle the account, they lost probably about a dollar printing up the 9 cent check. I wont be wasting my time and energy cashing it.

3. For the last year or so, whenever my retirement account statements came in the mail, my stomach always did a flipflop knowing that inside the envelope would be a paper telling me how much money I was continually losing. This last quarter, however, my accounts have finally GAINED. YAY!

In other news...
We moved our last load of stuff into our new apt today. As I unload and unpack it all, I continue to think...there is NO WAY it is all going to fit into this tiny little place. I dont know what I'm going to do, but I guess I'll find a way to get it all in. The apt is not furnished, so we will have to work on collecting even more furniture, mostly tables (end tables, kitchen table, nightstands). Other than that, we pretty much have what we need. To tell the truth, I'm not too thrilled with this apt. It's really small, but other than that, the apt itself is not that bad. It's the location that I'm not liking much. It is in a little nook with about 10 other apts and the parking space is a jumbled mess. It also has absolutely no view at all. I'm so used to looking out my windows and having tundra all around me, not neighbors. I dont enjoy looking out my window and into someone else's. Well, I only have to tolerate it for 9 months. I think I can handle that!

ok...back to the unpacking...

1 comment:

wcbpolish said...

Hey... I miss Alaska already. Good luck this school year. Do you know who Carmen Wessels is? She's the new Marc leinberger (I guess they created a new position for him and carmen got his old position or something)
Anyway... if you or anyone you know plays the board game "settlers of Catan" you should give her a holler. She plays, and is likely to be lonely, as she just mved to BET and is not very social. She's on firstclass if you ever want to get ahold of her.

PS- I'm in Toledo now.