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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad attitude

I have a bad attitude today.

It really sucks to have a bad attitude today since it's the last day of school and I should be happy. Avery really ticks me off...he is just acting like such a little punk lately. Basically he knows that he's going to Ohio this summer and wont have rules or have to care about anything, that he'll be able to run around and do whatever he wants...so he just kind of stops caring a couple of weeks before leaving. His grades have dropped in the last couple of weeks and he just basically has an 'i dont give a shit' attitude. I'm so sick of it!

Then some of the adults around school are all uptight about the end of the school year and getting everything done. And some of them get big attitudes about things. And some of them dont listen to the things that you say. Why ask a question and then not listen to the answer? And then they get all pissy when you try to explain something to them that doesnt fit into their preconceived notion of what you should say. Some of them just dont care if they are a big pain in the a**.

ok...well...I'm going to work on my attitude and try to turn this into a good day.

1 comment:

KuskoMama said...

Sorry there's some attitude being tossed around by various parties :(

There's stress @ the elementary school too. There was a substitute on the playground trying to keep a teacher's class under control and she was yelling at the children at the top of her lungs. Pretty sad. Stress doesn't excuse bad attitude I think!

I hope they don't bring her back next year...