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Monday, May 11, 2009

NWS Flood statement

Statement as of 11:20 PM AKDT on May 10, 2009

... The Flood Warning remains in effect until 400 PM akdt Tuesday
along the Kuskokwim River from Akiak to Napakiak...

This Flood Warning is in effect for the following communities
Akiak... Akiachak... Kwethluk... Bethel... Oscarville... Napaskiak
and Napakiak until 400 PM akdt Tuesday.

The ice jam above the upper end of kuskokuak Slough remains in place
at this time. The main river and kuskokuak Slough are mostly ice free
from the lower end of the jam to below Bethel.

Water levels in Akiak continue to rise slowly and are at or
near The Levels attained in 1964. Most roads are under water.

No flooding is occurring in Akiachak at this time though more water
is still filling in through the Tundra on the back side of the
Village as water levels in Akiak continue to rise slowly.

Water levels in Kwethluk rose slightly overnight and a few additional
lower lying roads are seeing some water.

At Bethel... although the river is open at the Village... there is an
ice jam downstream about Half Way between Napaskiak and Napakiak.
The ice below this is still relatively strong and water levels in
Oscarville and Napaskiak were increasing. There was a report of
water running over some low lying sidewalks in Oscarville.

Expected impacts:
there is a lot of water above the ice jam between Akiak and Akiachak
and when this jam releases... downstream villages can expect greater
threat of rising water and more significant flooding. Ice jam
flooding can cause very rapid rises in water levels behind the jam.
Residents should monitor the situation closely and be prepared to
take swift action to protect life and property.

residents are advised to monitor the situation. Reports on river
conditions may be sent to the river forecast center by calling 1-

A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or has been
reported. All interested parties should take necessary
precautions immediately

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