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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three days in Anchorage

I was the female chaperone for the state music festival again this year. We took 15 kids into Anchorage for the competition. We had a bass clarinet solo, a vocal quartet, and a mixed woodwind instrumental ensemble. The bass clarinet solo and the woodwind ensemble both got superior ratings from the state music judges. Superior is the highest rating that you can get and it is awesome the 2 out of 3 of our performances were rated so high. Above is the girls table during dinner on Thursday night. Below is the 13 member woodwind ensemble preparing for their performance.
While we were at UAA for the music festival, some of us took a little walk during lunch. I saw this sign and had to take a picture of it to add to my collection of animal crossing sign pictures.
We followed a trail near this wetland conservation. I'm sure the name of the lake is a dead giveaway to the types of insects that call it home, and I was glad that it is not mosquito season yet.
This old, dead, craggy tree looked cool.
View of the mountains between the trees.
The scenery in Anchorage is beautiful. It was what you typically think Alaska should look like...mountains, trees, animals.
This was a neat looking sculpture outside of the UAA music building.
Most of our time in Anchorage was spent running around shopping at malls. I'm not a mall shopper myself, but that's what the kids wanted to do. We also went to see a movie. I saw the new Wolverine movie. It was really good. I did manage to pick up Avery a nice dress outfit for his JH formal dance next week. It is his first real tie. He tried on the outfit last night and looked soooooo handsome. He's growing up so fast. He is going to ask the girl he likes to be his date for the dance.

I also managed to go shopping for some basic stuff at the new Anchorage Target. I got home and figured out that I was missing a bag. I paid for $20 worth of stuff that I didnt end up bringing home with me. Bummer.

It was nice to get away for a couple days and drive on paved roads and see some beautiful scenery. Only 15 days until I fly outta here for the summer. There's sooooooooo much to do between now and then. I started packing today.


KuskoMama said...

the sculpture looks kinda like something you could make with Con-exes in Bethel... LOL

Glad you had a good time in ANC. Personally I don't see how one can live here during the worst months of the year and then leave for the summer... for us, the summers are what make the rest of it worth enduring! ;)

I do "get it"... but it takes a LOT to get me to leave for any reason during the summer!

Kassia said...

Hey Alisha! Cool pics. Something that has stuck out to me in your blogs is how much of an emphasis the school system up there puts on performing arts, with all that I read from your school being involved in musical competitions and the play you wrote about, and all the traditional dances and stuff. I think that is really great for the kids. It was never like that at my high school at all, we hardly ever heard about the choir or the drama team or anything like that.
I also wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! You are doing such a great job with Avery and he is lucky to have you around. When I heard him talking to you on the phone last week I noticed that his voice is changing....he's growing up, huh? And now he has a formal to go to *tears in eyes*.
Anyway girl I am gonna be buying my plane ticket for Vegas in the next couple of days so I can get that settled...I'll call you or email you the info of course.
Love you lots!