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Monday, May 18, 2009

Not funny, Mother!

This was the view out my front window this morning. Apparently Mother Nature was confused today. Nobody told her it was MAY 18th already. She must have been thinking it was still April when she decided to drop a load of that powdery white stuff on us today. Or maybe she just needed a few laughs. Well, it's not funny!

7 more days until we fly outta here. I've got most of the house packed up already. Only thing left to do is actually start moving some of it into the storage unit and start cleaning this place. Well, I still need to pack the kitchen too! There is a potluck/party/cookout to go to every night this week and I think I'll still be needing my kitchen stuff.

Four days of school left! We're just taking finals now and finishing up the loose ends. Almost done now!

I've got big plans for a road trip during my first week of summer. I'm so excited! A friend and I are going to tent camp under the tallest trees in the world among other things. I'll write more about it later. Other than that, I'm going to try to work most of the summer and make some money. I have to pay down the debt I've accumulated since my roommate bailed out on me back in October and stuck me with her half of the rent. I'm going to try to get two part time jobs. I think I have a couple leads on jobs too. We'll see. It sucks that I have to spend my summer working though.

Avery's grades are all A's and B's. He's been really into his biking lately and has been spending alot of time at the skate park. He's really looking forward to being back in Ohio with his friends and mom.

What else? I dont know...lots! But no time to type...gotta get it all done!

How are your summer plans shaping up?

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