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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Parent teacher conferences

I found this really cool website that you can check the aurora forecast. I added it as a link on my list of links on the right side, so it will be there when you want to check it out.


There's not a whole lot new happening these days except our parent teacher conferences. Conferences at the high school are from 5-8:30 on Wed and Thurs evenings. Because we work two evenings, we get Friday off! YAY! Every teacher has a table set up in the gym and the parents just go around to each teacher for conferences. Most of my conferences last night went really well. Parents seem to be more involved with their students here, so that's nice. One more night of conferences left. It makes for a pretty long day, but it will be nice to have Friday off. I'm going to go get my drivers license and plates switched over on Friday, run a bunch of errands, and make a bunch of phone calls. Oh, and I have to write a paper for the culture class that I'm taking.

Avery's teacher set up student led conferences. So, when I went into the room, Avery had a checklist of things to cover with me. He showed me all his work that he's done and wrote down an improvement goal. Then, he called the teacher over and Mr. Johnson showed me his report card. Avery is in the highest phase class that he can be for each subject. They have phases here so that students can progress at their own pace. I was really glad to hear that he is doing well. Not only is he in the highest phase class for math, reading, and writing, but he is also doing well with those classes. He is scoring at proficient and above proficient in those subjects. He is also reading at grade level, which I was glad to hear because he has always struggled with reading. I think this is the first time that I have ever heard a teacher say that he is reading at grade level! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are calming down and you are feeling better. Congrats to Avery on his accomplishments. I gues sI am not surprised to hear that parents are more involved in Bethel. Family life is more important there than in many of the lower 48.
I got my license today and tags too. I start work next Tuesay so wanted to get all that behind me. I just need to notify my insurance company too.
Feel really strange to say I an an Alaskan...wow!

alisha said...

Thanks for the comments, Edna. I've been keeping up with your big new move by reading your blog. It's very interesting to read about your new home. It's nice to hear that you are settling in easily. So, the next question is...when can I come visit?

Anonymous said...

Any time is fine with me. I bought a sofa bed and also have an air bed.....come see!