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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Akutaq (pronounced a-gu-duck) is also known as eskimo ice cream. It is made with crisco, oil, white fish, sugar, and berries. Sounds gross, right? Well, it's actually really good, but obviously not very heathy. It is a native dish that I've had a couple times and that we are making in our culture class today. Traditionally, akutaq was made with caribou fat, seal oil, and berries. There was another type made with snow and berries. Then when Crisco was introduced to the people, they stopped using caribou fat and started using the Crisco instead. Even though eating all the lard seems really gross to me, the purpose of eating so much fat is to store energy to get through the long winter. Our culture teacher said that it keeps you warm.


Anonymous said...

Lol....I will be plenty warm then......and no eskimo ice cream needed. Seriously, the best cake frosting I've ever had was made mostly from Crisco too.

We had a beautiful afternoon here today. Alaska certainly has a hold on you once you meet "her".

How long is your class?

miranda said...

hey hey its miranda nice to know u like alaska it sounds cool well any way thanx fo the card cul8er

alisha said...

Hi Edna, I've never had frosting made from crisco, but i would think frosting is fattening enough without using Crisco. I just got done reading the book TISHA by Robert specht. I would highly reccommend it. Actually, i might write that as a blog post. My class lasted from 8:30-3:30 on Saturday. It is about 5 saturdays stretched across the year. It is a class about Yup'ik culture and has the potential to be a really great class, but being taught over polycom, it's just terrible.


So, good to hear from you! how's school? how are things in general these days? I miss you and love you. I'm glad you got your birthday card. Just think about how far that card had to go to get to you! Did you have a good birthday? What did you do? Give Emma a hug for me and tell your mom that I said Hi.