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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More of Avery wrestling

So, here are some more videos of Avery wrestling this weekend at the Bethel tournament. He wrestled really well. He won his first two matches on Friday, then lost one on Friday night, and lost another match on Saturday morning. I got to see all the matches except for Saturday's match. Even when he lost, man, did he put up a fight. It amazes me to see him becoming so strong and muscular. These videos were from his first match. He got slammed in the first round and then put a head and arm lock on the other kid in the second round. He has learned SO much about wrestling since we've been here. He is finally to the point that he is combining his natural, instinctive talent with some actual wrestling skills.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading/watching Avery's wrestling moments. It brings back some happy memories for me.

Thank you Alisha!


Mr. Iverson said...

How did you get the video's on your blog? That is soooooo cool.

alisha said...

you know the little button you press when you want to add a picture? right next to that is a button you can press to add video. just click it and choose your video to upload, it's easy, just like loading a picture.