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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Before and After

These are pics of my classroom from what it looked like when I first got it and what it looks like now. They will be remodeling my wing this summer, so if I stay next year, I will be in a completely remodeled classroom. At least it gives me incentive to stay next year. My room is really musty smelling, so I burn a candle every now and then. Whenever I burn a candle, the kids notice right away...it seems like their sense of smell is better than the kids back home. I have lots of storage space and two sinks, but one of them doesn't work. There is some lab space in the back of the room but I don't have any stools. The classroom is okay as far size goes, but I have 28 desks in the room, so that pretty much consumes all of the space and makes it seem very small. My biggest class is 27 students. 27!!!! That's so huge. The kids here are much more respectful than the kids back home and I've only heard about 3 cuss words in almost a month of school. They dont even cuss when they're in the halls. I really like my students. My classroom is pretty good. My coworkers are really great. Everyone is so nice, helpful, and just plain happy. The only real complain that I have is about the technology. The whole computer situation is extremely dissapointing. Realatively no tech support either. Stacie, I MISS YOU! You want to come work in Bethel?



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Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job Alisha. I just got back from my interview in Ketchikan. Looks like I'll be going there soon. Can't wait. I've updated my blog now.

If you get tired of the tundra and decide to make a change next year, Ketchikan really needs lots of teachers too. And the weather is much more moderate.

Keep your spirits up!