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Thursday, October 22, 2009


We finally got some snow today! It is coming down pretty steadily, but the wind is blowing like crazy. The wind is coming out of the North and is blowing at around 30mph. That brings our 22 degree temps down to around zero with windchill. The insane wind has been blowing for three days straight now and it really does make life just a bit harder. Everything harder to do when the wind is blowing like crazy. Yesterday and the day before the wind was whipping all of the Bethel sand around, so when you went out it was like getting sand blasted. Now at least it is blowing snow, rather than sand.
It is really unusual for it to be this late for snow. Last year we got snow on the 3rd and the year before that it was the 6th. I'm happy to have the snow, I just wish we didnt have 30mph wind to go with it. Just last week it was still 50 degrees out. I dont really miss that. I'm happy for the snow. I hope there's a nice layer laid down quickly so that we can go snowmachining soon.

Our snowmachine is getting fixed right now and it should be ready within a couple weeks. I cant wait to go snowmachining. The engine is getting bored today, so the shop kids will get it back next week and begin the rebuilding process. I hope it all goes well and that the engine goes back together just the way it should. By having the shop kids here at school do the work, I am saving about $500 and I think they will do a good job. Cross your fingers!

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