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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movin' on UP!

We're moving. I'm sick of this apt. We originally rented this place because the rent was a little cheaper($1000) than other two bedroom places(usually $1200-$1400) in Bethel. None of the utilities are included in the rent for this place, but after figuring it up using the estimates that my landlord gave me, it still seemed to be cheaper. I was estimating around $1400 per month with rent, water ($200), electric ($100), and heat ($100). That was my estimate.
Turns out the fuel tank for the heating oil is twice as big as they told me it is and this place is very poorly insulated. It is actually going to be more like $250 per month for heat. And the electricity bill is already $150 AND IT'S NOT EVEN WINTER YET! Unbelievable! I cant even imagine what it will be once it cold and dark all the time.Long story shorter...I'm going to end up paying around$1650 for this place and it is so totally not worth it. It is small and cramped. It is damp and moist and mildewy. It is in a sucky location. The parking is cramped. The neighbors are noisy. There's only a shower, not bathtub. The closets are small. It's cold.I figured if I'm going to be paying that much for a place to live, I might as well live in a place that I can enjoy. So..............we went out and put a deposit on a new apt yesterday. It is much more expensive($1590), but includes unlimited water and heat. I will only have to pay the electric, but the electric at this place will be much less because the heat is boiler heat, which doesnt use much electricity and because the water pump is on the landlords bill, not mine. And the apt is not moist, so I'll be able to hang more of my laundry and use the dryer less.

The new place is about twice the size of what we're in now. The bedrooms are upstairs so Avery and I will have more of our own space to get away from each other. The kitchen is kinda small, but it has a little counter to put stools up to. It also has a nice big, heated arctic entry with a hanging bar to hang all of our coats from. And it has a real bathroom with a tub. It is also right downtown, so we will have more options for walking places rather than driving all the time. The grocery store is just a block away, the library is across the street, and our church is right behind our apt building. I also know quite a few people who live around that area of town. I cant wait to move in at the end of the month!


Anonymous said...

That sounds so nice!! I know you didnt like the apt very much. You want to be in a place that you feel good in. If you need help moving let me know!!!hahah

Miss you

KuskoMama said...

Sounds really nice! Rentals here can be so difficult (and so difficult to find nice ones)... slightly related - when we moved here 6 yrs ago we ended up in *the* only house for sale in all of Bethel. It's too small now for my tastes, but the price is right. LOL