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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I'm sick. I dont like being sick. I'm sure I have H1N1 since Avery just got over having it. I dont see any reason to go to the doctor since they cant really do anything except tell you to ride it out since it's a virus. This is the second day that I've stayed home from school. Staying home is more difficult than just being there. There are so many things that I need to get done at school and lessons that I want to teach, but cant really have a sub do. My Biology kids are right in the middle of a lab and I cant have them finish until I get back because I cant have them doing lab with a sub there. BLAH. It's such a pain to be sick. I feel worse today than I did yesterday, more symptoms, new symptoms.

Fortunately Avery is doing much better and is back to school today. He still has somewhat of a cough, but that's about it. He was sick for 6 days and missed three days of school. Those are the first days he's missed for being sick since moving here.

Right now I miss Taboo alot. Normally he would curl up on the couch with me and keep me warm when I am sick. Normally he would be here with me if I was spending the whole day at home feeling miserable.

In other news...I bought are tickets to Texas for Christmas break. Yay!

That's it...there are other things to say, but right now I just want to go lay down.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Well i hope you get better soon!!


Kale Iverson said...

lish, I hope you feel better. I would sub for you and do a great job. and i miss taboo too. so sad.

but you have a great brother, a good job, and you will get better.

things will improve

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

I think I caught the flu from you. :-(
Hope you're feeling better!