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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Bethel

I flew back to Bethel from Quinhagak on a different bush plane. It was a little bit bigger with a capacity of 8 people. There were only two of us on the flight. I got a really nice view of the village of Quinhagak and its river as we were leaving.
It was still a rainy and overcast day, as most are around this time of year, but the view was still gorgeous. Below is the forward view in the plane.
And the rear view...
We did get a few glimpes of the sun, but generally we stayed below the clouds. The small bush planes fly under the clouds rather than over them. This plane also had a much different feel to it. It felt like the rear end was sliding around (as if on ice) while we were up in the air. It was a weird sensation that took a short while to get used to. This plane on the way home also had bigger engines and flew faster. We got home in only about 25 minutes, rather than the 45 it took to get there.
By the time we spotted the Bethel runway, I was really super tired and looking forward to sleeping in my bed.
We had a nice view of Bethel on the way into the airport. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. This is all of downtown Bethel and a good portion of the entire town.
Watching the runway through the front window of the plane was an interesting sight. I didnt know what to expect for the landing so I braced myself, but it turned out pretty smooth.
The sign at the other end of the counter welcoming me back to Bethel and reminding me to make sure and settle up the bill.I'm glad I got the opportunity to go out to the village. It was an interesting experience if only just for having done it. I was also able to complete numbers 19, 22, and 29.

In other news...
We are deep into rainy season now, AKA mudboot season. The mud is thick and slippery. You can sink inches into it when you walk. It's treacherous.

I'm down 25 pounds now. I've lost 13 just since being back here in Bethel these last five weeks.

The Packers won there first regular season game tonight. GO PACK GO! I cooked a bunch of food and had some friends over to watch the game. It was fun. And the last couple minutes of the game were really fun to watch. I wore my Packers jersey today to represent my team, but I'm almost embarrassed to wear it because it's #4. I think I'm going to go online and buy Avery and I both new jerseys for this season.

After GB won and I was seeing my friends out of the door, I notices that it was raining pretty hard, but that the sun was shining bright from the west. Every year around this time, we get at least one really amazing rainbow (click here to see last year's rainbow). So, I went outside to see if I could spot one and, sure enough, there was a rainbow stretching across the sky. It wasnt quite as amazing as last year, but it was still really wonderful to see. I'll try to post some pics of it soon.

Robotics starts this week. I cant believe we're this far into the year already. I was already having conversations with some friends last night about Halloween costumes for this year. Crazy!

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Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Great job on the 25 pounds! Amazingly enough, I've found that it comes off faster than it went on...I'm down about 15, and still trucking. Good luck with it!

And OH MY GOSH on the view from the plane--mostly on the interior. I'm just brave enough that the closest I want to get to the inside of a plane that small is YOUR PICTURE. Scary!