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Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking News

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend check amount has been released...$1305! If you signed up for direct deposit (like I did), you'll receive your money on October 8th. That's right around the corner. Don't know what a PFD is? Check out the website here. Or check out this article in the Fairbanks Newsminer. Or read the post I wrote about the 2007 amount here. There was talk that this year's check was going to be really low because of how bad the economy did last year, but from what I can gather, the amount is set using a 5 year average. So it will probably be a couple years yet until the amount drops to factor in the bad 2008 year.

I'm excited...this is the first year that Avery and I will receive a PFD check. I already plan to put it straight toward paying off my truck loan.

Dont miss the post I wrote this morning about this year's rainbow...I posted it and then found out about the PFD amount and wrote this post.

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