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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Got student loans?

With all the big government bailouts, sometimes it seems that the government over looks all of us 'little guys'. Turns out, they didnt. I received a statement in the mail a few months ago that listed my new variable interest rate for student loans. 2.48%! That's wonderful. That's the lowest it's been for years. I've been waiting for a good rate for years. So, I locked in my rate by consolidating. This was too good of a deal to not share with everybody here on the blog. If you have variable interest rate student loans, now might be the time to think about consolidating. I know I did.


KuskoMama said...

That's great!

Our student loans are history thanks to 6 years of Bethel living... it's a great side-benefit!

alisha said...

Unfortunately none of the loan forgiveness programs for teaching professions dont apply here in Bethel. That sure would be nice!

Congrats to you guys for getting yours taken care of...I'll be paying on mine for the rest of my life.

KuskoMama said...

oh - we didn't get a forgiveness program either. Just used our COLA adjustment... we also figured on a lifetime of loans. It's great to get things paid down though.