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Monday, September 21, 2009

Avery update

Avery got a haircut the other day. I'm really beginning to get pretty decent at cutting his hair. Usually I just use the clippers, but I actually used the scissors to trim up the top and it turned out really good.

He has straight A's in all of his classes right now and he passed his first math test. Last year when he started junior high we bumped him up a level in his math and he struggled with it all year because it was challenging. This year he is taking Algebra with mostly High School kids and he is doing well.

Avery decided to play the trumpet this year in band rather than sticking with the tenor sax. He's in his room playing now. I think it's going to be awhile before the noises coming from his room sound anything like music.

Avery got a contact in one eye the other day. He has one bad eye that we've been working on improving the vision in for many years now. This year it seems that having a corrective lens will help, so he got a contact in the bad eye. He is learning how to use it and wear it and take care of it. Another thing to do and take care of everyday. He goes for his checkup on Friday to make sure the contact he's wearing is the right fit for him.

Avery also got a bunch of new bike parts in for his bike the other day. He saved up the money and bought the parts himself. He spent all day today working on putting it all together with his friends. When he was done, he stepped back and looked at his bike and told his friends about how he had saved up the money for all those parts. He was proud of himself.

Wrestling starts soon. He got the forms for raising money through Push-up-athon. If you'd like to donate to Avery's Push-up-athon, you can send him a check made out to BRHS. You can either donate a flat amount or you can donate a certain per pushup amount. Last year he did 62 pushups. He's weighing in right now at about 128 pounds. Wow! I cant believe he's so big already. And with him still growing and me losing weight, I can fit into his jeans...weird!

He's also doing Robotics this year, which means he's on my robotics team. And I didnt even make him do it. He joined all on his own because he was interested. Even though it meant he'd be spending even more time with me, he decided to do it. I think he's really starting to mature a bit.

He has also expressed some interest in the possibility of taking a dance class with me. I think he would enjoy learning how to do swing dance and it would improve his coordination which would help him in other areas of his life, like sports. I think I have also convinced him that it will score him points with the girls. Every girl loves a guy that can dance!

Speaking of maturing...he has on several occasions expressed to me recently what a wonderful adventure we are living here in Alaska. Driving down the road a few weeks ago on the way home, he was gazing out of the window looking out at the tundra and he turned to me and said, "We live in Alaska!" I'm so glad that he is finally appreciating the experience that he is living and how unique it is.

He also got invited to go hunting next weekend with his friend and his dad and some of the other male teachers. I know he will be in good hands and that he will learn alot about hunting and gun safety from the guys who will be with him. I'm glad that he will get to experience a real Alaska hunt while we are here. Now if only I would be invited to go out hunting...I would love to do that.

I cant believe he'll be 14 next month. He'll be able to get his drivers permit when he turns 14, he really wants it, but I'm just not sure I'M ready for him to have it.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds so scary! Avery with a driving permit!!! Let him know i will be staying off the roads starting next month!!!