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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Four letter word


That's what my kids were shouting as they entered the classroom during 3rd period today around 11:15. Sure enough...I looked out the window and amongst the rain drops, there were some snow flakes falling as well. As much as it seems like it's awfully early, I'm really looking forward to winter and snow. We have some fun winter activities planned, like skiiing when we're in Fairbanks and putting our snowmachine to good use. And navigating through town is just easier once everything is frozen. Life is so much cleaner once all the dirt is covered with a white layer of snow...and it's pretty too. Although, I must say the fall colors on the tundra are really spectacular this year too!

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Anonymous said...

Haven't commented for awhile...with my brother coming home, my tower inabled, a week of sitting outside in the evening after work, making tomato juice, our tree is full, so now it's applesauce time..ya, da, ya, da!

Stability and security is so important in a child's life. Congrats to Avery!

If that's the same horrendous bug that I had, good luck getting rid of it!

I liked the video on Skrat and Holli did too.