"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally (breathes a sigh of relief)...

Avery told me the other day that he was finally ready to cut his hair. What a sweet sound to my ears! Here are the before pics...
It was seriously long...
And in bad shape...Doesnt this look like a wig just laying on the floor? An old lady wig? Yes! I thought so, too!

He has such thick hair. I couldnt believe how much hair we cut off. It took over an hour to cut it.

So, here he is after...this is the spike do option. He really looks like a totally different kid. Doesnt he look so grown up?
This is the flat forward do. I caught him in the middle of a yawn.And every good haircut blog post has to have a profile view.

Here are other blog titles I was considering for this post...
Before and after
The new kid
Hair be gone
Avery's new do
Make my morning (easier, that is)
You thought it was a wig
Got it out of his system
Things to be thankful for
Wrestling a lighter weight class
No more grandma hair
Jebediah no longer
Avery's back


Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Averonius, You have just advanced your skill from that of a mage to a wizard in training.


Alisha, He looks like 3 years older! Isn't that crazy. Man he's like little man you got there. They grow up so fast...tear...


Kassia said...

Dude looks totally older.

Reese-E said...

hey alisha! sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you about my houston "things to see!" Here's my little list of places you should check out:

-The Houston Galleria (fabulous/beautiful mall! with ice skating)
-Rice Village (a little square near Rice University that's great for shopping/having lunch)
-Midtown (an area of town that's great for going out at night, lots of fun bars)
-Westheimer (a street with really cool coffee shops and antique stores)

Hopefully the people at your hotel can point you toward all of this! Hope you have fun!

Maggie said...

I like the blog of the same name! Cute pictures; I must agree, I like the shorter hair. I'm an English teacher rather than science. Maybe by reading this blog, I will gain some perspective into a field that I know nothing about. I read Frankenstein once. Does that count as science? I think it should.

alisha said...

Wow! I never imagined a hair cut could be so exciting. I think this is the most comments that I've got on my blog in a long time!

Kale, Avery says...well Avery doesnt know...he wants me to write you a message in code, but I dont want to, so...maybe he'll do it later...anyhow, I hope things are better around your parts. Today's blog was interesting. Oh, and I'm totally stealing that pick of you and av off your blog.

ok, avery's ready with his code...
9. 25.15.21. 1.20. 8.1.

you can email avery on firstclass if you want a hint, but it's pretty easy.

Kas...how are things? I wish you were coming with me on some of these vacays that I'm planning. I need a night out!

Reese...thanks for the tips. our hotel is right near the galleria, so i will certainly be checking that out!

Maggie...if you want it to count then it sure can! :) I'll look forward to reading your tales of a first year. Good luck!