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Monday, October 20, 2008

First 1st!

Avery wrestled very well this weekend at the Bethel tournament. He knocked his first opponent off in only 15 seconds and his second opponent in a mere 14 seconds, giving him a new record fasted pin. His third opponent took at bit longer and was actually leading by points before Avery got him in a tight head and arm hold, making the kid tap out. We were at school until 11pm Friday night with Avery wrestling and me running the concession stand with my robotics team.On Saturday morning, we were back at school by 8am. Avery wrestled hard in the championship match and took 1st place. This is his third 1st place overall, his first 1st this year, and his first 1st in Bethel. He is wrestling this year in the 112 weight class and is one muscular kid...ahem...young man. I cant believe he'll be 13 already next month.

My robotics team raised over $1000 by running the concession stand during the tournament. I had a pretty whirlwind weekend with running the concession stand on Fri night and Sat morn, going to bingo on Sat night, and cooking, cleaning and watching footbal on Sunday. I'm sooooooo exhausted! I'm nodding off as I write this. I'm going to go take a nap...good night.

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