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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A way to remember

Being so far away from all of my friends and family, I need a way to still feel connected to everyone. One way that I do that is through this blog. Other ways are through emails and phone calls. Yet another way is by having a place where I can "see" everyone. So, I have most of your pictures framed and put up on my bookshelf where I can look at your faces and remember. There are several pictures conspicuously missing from this set up...if you are one of the people who are missing, then you need to send me your picture. It doesnt matter if it's professional or just a snapshot, but a pic of you and your kids would be great.

Kas...you'll be happy to know that I put Adam's first school pic to good use. Remember how I was complaining to you that the only pic I had was an old one that included whoknowwho? Well...here are the results...BEFORE...

AFTER...It would be really nice if you could take a nice snapshot of you and Adam so that I could just replace the one that I have in the frame permanently. :)

Miss you all!

1 comment:

Kassia said...

LMFAO! I noticed it right away in the first picture what you did! That is too funny. And it fits perfectly. I am glad to see you got it.
Those winter pics are pretty...

I will work on the picture of me and Adam... :)