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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Finally Fixed!

Avery finally got his bike fixed, thanks to Mom who sent him a new innertube. We took the bike in to school and had some of the more experienced bmx biker kids at school fix it during homeroom. They put the tube on it and aligned the handlebars for him and tightened up the bearings on the rear tire.So I went with Avery over to the skate park and watched him do some little jumps and stuff. He crashed right away when we first got there and slid not so gracefully down the highest ramp. It was soooo funny!
After that, though, he did lots of little ramps and didnt fall again.
He did pretty good! The high school boys that fixed his bike for him are all my students and said that next time they saw him at the skate park that they'd show him some moves.
He's pretty happy to be riding again. I give it a week before that tire's popped again and the store here in town is all sold out of innertubes.

Other than that...they showed a movie at the culture center today and we went to see that. Then Avery went to help the Boy Scouts do a community clean up project before going and hanging out at the skate park. Right now, he's spendin' the night at his friend house and I'm home writin' this blog, doin' some laundry, and tryin' to get some other odds and ends accomplished. I need to write a test and do some lesson planning, but maybe I'll just go over to school tomorrow to do that stuff. I was over at school today for a few hours, but didnt get any work done...instead I BOUGHT TICKETS TO HONOLULU! Yeah Baby...we're going to Hawaii! I cant wait! WOOOYOOO! I'm so excited!

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Anonymous said...

Honolulu!!! Woo hoooooo...... Now that will be a vacation! When do you go?