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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Approaching Zero

We are swiftly approaching zero degree temps...this morning when we came to school, it was only 5 degrees and even now at approx. noon, it is still only 7 degrees. It is cold. And the thing about it is that it's been cold for almost a month now with no warm up whatsoever. The river is already frozen. They are saying that this year is a very early freeze up. There are people going out and ice fishing already, even though the ice is not very thick. A couple of guys tried to drive their snowmachine on the river and fell through the other day. Pretty stupid...most people know that the river is not thick enough yet for those kinds of things. Both men made it out ok, but they lost their snowmachine to the depths of the river.
There is hoarfrost on everything today. It looks beautiful and makes Bethel look like a magical winter wonderland. The snow that we got a couple of days ago looks like diamonds as the light reflects off of it. Just a bit more snow and we'll be able to go get our snow machine and do some riding. Some people have already started riding and there are already tracks out on the tundra. Most people say that there is not quite enough snow yet though. There are still alot of plants sticking out of the snow on the tundra. I cant wait to start riding the snowmachine, especially with the way gas prices are so high. We are still at about 5.70 per gallon. Think of me next time you're at the pump. Word is that prices are going down all over the US, but our prices will remain the same because all of our gas was delivered this summer on the barge, so the price is set for the winter.

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