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Monday, December 03, 2007

OK...I get it now!

When I was researching Bethel before I came here, I read about how windy it was here. I read stories of people who said it gets so windy that sometimes you can't even stand up straight. Then, when I got here, many people told me how windy it was here. Occasionally I would hear stories about how windy it was. Even about how Bethel should have wind turbines to harness the power of the wind. Through all of this, I always wondered where was this wind that everyone talked about. I had yet to see it. I thought maybe everyone here was crazy or maybe they had a thing for wind. Maybe their idea of a strong wind was not the same as mine?

I understand now...it had been unbelievably windy for several days now. The house is shaking and creaking like crazy. I can hear the wind whistling in through every nook and cranny in the house. There are freezing cold drafts coming in from everywhere. There's no point in brushing your hair unless you are going to put it up. All the snow is gone and the melted snow has dried up now, so going outside is like getting sandblasted. It is still really dry, so I've been wearing alot of chapstick. Today, my lips were covered with sand because the sand sticks to the chapstick. we are getting gusts up around 60mph. It's crazy. I'm used to seeing wind like this for a couple of hours during a storm, but this has been a couple of days now...with no sign of letting up. I guess we're in for the long haul. Welcome to December!

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Anonymous said...

Brrrr...it was down to 13 degrees today but no wind. Can't imagine the forces you must be facing.