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Friday, December 28, 2007

Heat wave!

It's 21 degrees right now! Today when we were out running errands at about 2pm it was 18 degrees. That's seriously like a heat wave after is was -22 last week. We had coats on, but unbuttoned and we were sweating. Sweating! In 18 degree weather! I never thought I'd say 18 degrees was warm, but it sure did feel good. There's been snow most of the day too. The light fluffy stuff that coats everything fast and thick. Its pretty!

Packer update...they lost their last game miserably against the Bears, mostly on screw ups due to weather. It seems that even in this great season that we're having that the Bears are still going to come away with something to gloat about. Such is football. We've got a great record though and are looking good for the playoffs. First round bye already clinched. Up against Detroit at home this Sunday, which should make for an easy last win for us. Such a great season we've had...our record is 12-3. I think we've got a good shot at beating the cowboys in the playoffs considering that when they beat us this season we were missing three of our top players...including Brett Favre for more than the last half. GO PACK!

Lastest Read...I just finished reading a really inspirational book called No End in Sight...My Life as a Blind Iditarod Racer. It is the story of Rachel Scdoris. It is a true story. It was light reading, but very interesting and fun. I learned alot about sled dog racing and about how the world perceives the blind. It will definitely give me new interest in paying attention to the Iditarod this year. Good book...would recommend.

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