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Monday, March 09, 2009

It's over!

Spring break is over already! Why does it go so fast? I really enjoyed the break. I got alot accomplished, but also spent alot of time just doing nothing. The thing I was looking forward to the most during spring break was just curling up on the couch and reading...and that I did...alot! I finally finished the book that I started way back in January. It usually doesnt take me quite so long to read a book, esp one that I am interested in. I'm not sure what it was about this book, maybe the 937 pages, that took so long to read. I really enjoyed the book and thought it was very well written. It is a piece of historical fiction written, obviously, about Hawaii. It starts with the geography of the land describing in good detail how the land was built. Then, Michener goes on to describe the first habitation of the land by humans coming out of the Polynesian Island of Bora Bora. The book follows the fictional lives of four groups of people and several specific families within those groups. The first is the polynesians, then the missionaries come to the islands. Then, the Chinese come as laborers for the sugar and pineapples fields. Then, the Japanese follow. The book tells the interwoven tale of these four groups of people and how their lives came together on the common ground of Hawaii. The people in the book are fictional, but the essence and underlying theme of the book is true to actuality. If you like historical fiction, you would like this book. I wonder what Michener would think of the islands now?

This is going to be my March book for my birthday list goal of Number 2. Michener also wrote a similar book about Alaska that I have and would like to read, but first I am going to read something that is less demanding. Something for pure enjoyment. Something fluff! Because although, I thoroughly enjoyed Hawaii, it was not an easy read and it was long. But before I get into any other books, I am going to work on my college class stuff.

Things I got accomplished during spring break....
Visited a couple other villages by snow machine
Finished reading Hawaii by James Michener
Graded papers
Worked on my curriculum map
Watched a couple movies
Worked on taxes (other peoples, mine are done)
Organized my important papers
Filed my PFD application (yahoo!)
Took a bath
Gave myself a facial
Cleaned the bathroom
Called about some insurance claims
Got all my March Bday cards ready
Cooked some pretty good meals
Ate too much
Bought mine and Avery's plane tickets for summer
Lined up a place to stay and car to drive for summer (Vegas, baby!)
Slept in everyday
Fixed the brakes on the snowmachine
Rode the snowmachine everyday, but one (it was raining)
Put the Sherrell family photo in a frame

Things I didnt get done over spring break that I wanted to/should have...
Look for a job for this summer
Work on my college class
Study for Praxis test
Request my transcript from my last college class
Order all 2008 photos from snapfish

It is so funny (interesting, weird) that the changing of the seasons seem to so closely match the changing of the months. It always seems as though as soon as we flip the calendar to October, it starts snowing. Now, it seems that as soon as we switched to March, it has started warming up. Considerably. Today is the third day we've had this week that is well above freezing. It is 37 degrees. There is melt water everywhere and on top of that it rained heavily a couple of days ago. It is getting to the point where we may have to stop driving the snowmachine because there is more water than snow. The snow is melting rapidly, including the snow on my front porch. It is like little snow glaciers now.
We are gaining daylight like crazy. 5 minutes and 40 seconds each day. With daylight savings time now in full effect the sun will be staying up until around 9pm which will be AWESOME! There will be so much more to do now that it is light enough to see and the next few weeks will just fly by. We only have 10 weeks of school left and only 11 more weeks until we fly out of here for the summer! Time sure does fly. Even Avery is commenting on how quickly the school year went. It seems they go faster every year.

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