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Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm having one of THOSE days...

Ever have one of those days when you just want to curl up in bed and cry? Today is one of those days. My truck is in the shop. The parts havent even been ordered yet. The snowmachine broke on the way to the post office today. I managed to get it home without doing any worse damage. I called the "snowmachine guy" and he said that he could get it in today to work on it. But, could I get it over there? I rigged it up good enough so that I could slowly drive it over there and avoid the $80 fee for him to come get it. While I was riggin' it, I smashed my thumb in between the spring and the frame. I think I may have broke it.

Broken truck.
Broken snowmachine.
Broken thumb?
Broken bank account.

Why does it always manage to all go wrong at the same time? And, go figure, the warranty on my truck expired a week ago. It seems like I have one day like this each year. Here is last years "just want to cry" post.

1 comment:

KuskoMama said...

Sorry to read about your troubles... I'm glad to read you made it back to town as it sounds like ANC may be out of commission for a while.

At least you don't have all of it waiting for you after being stuck in ANC... :-/