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Monday, March 23, 2009

Denver and the ski train

These pics are backward and I dont have time to reorder them. The first pics are at the bottom so you should start at the bottom and read up to the top. Ok...here goes.

Today we spent the day in the SIOP conference and learned alot. They really pushed us hard and by the end of the day I was beat tired. It is very rejuvenating to be around other educators that have a passion for what they do. After the conference, I took a nap and now I'm wide awake. Maybe I'll hit the hottub for awhile before going to bed!
Denver from a distance!

All Aboard!

The ski train coming back to pick us up! The bunny hills in the background.

The tunnel that the train goes through to pass under/through the continental divide. We were in this tunnel for 12 minutes.
The ski resort at the bottom of the lift.

The amazing view from 9000 feet.

The ride down!

Me and the Colorado Rockies in the background.

The view from the top at the lodge where we had lunch.

Me riding the chair lift.

The chair lift that we rode up to the top of the mountain.

A view of the little ski resort village when we first arrived on the skit train.

These are the mountains we were heading toward.

Where the plains meet the mountains.

Heading up into the mountains on the ski train.

The ladies the I'm traveling with. They've been alot of fun!

Union station in the wee hours of the morning. We caught the ski train from here on Sunday morning.

View of the mountains out of the hotel window.

Our view of the city out of our hotel window.

The Denver airport is way out in the middle of nowhere. It had a weird layout.

All the captions are under the pics since you should work your way up.


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Great pics--I love living vicariously through your travels. Have a great trip!

Kassia said...

Wow those pics at the ski resort are beautiful! Have a great time!

KuskoMama said...

looks like a great trip! If it were me I'd be wishing it was held somewhere like Florida... or Hawaii. But regardless - I love trains and that one looks like a fun ride!