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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our house

Sometime ago, their were a couple people who had asked me what our house looked like. I actually uploaded these pictures a very long time ago (in fall, obviously). Nowadays, the house and ground is covered with an insane amount of snow, but the inside of the house pretty much looks the same.

People have the misunderstanding that if you live in bush Alaska that that means that you live in a shack. That is not at all true. We live in a typical, standard, nothing fancy, normal, run of the mill 3 bedroom house. When you first walk in the front door, you enter our mud room. There is a freezer in here that we keep stocked with meat mostly, because I stock up when it is on sale or when I fly into Anchorage or when people give me moose, caribou, or salmon.
The living room is kind of small, but big enough for us.

This is what it looked like before I rearranged it and got rid of the treadmill that didnt work.

This is what it looks like now.Here is the kitchen/dining room.

The long hallway that leads to the rest of the rooms. On the immediate left is the laundry room which also leads to the utility room. First on the right is the spare room. Next on the left is the bathroom. Then at the end of the hallway are mine and Avery's bedrooms, his on the left, mine on the right.The laundry room. It also has a utility sink and a toilet, so it is also a half bath.
Through the door at the end of the laundry room is this room. On the left, that big black metal box is our water tank. It stores 1000 gallons of water. Then there's the water pump, the boiler, and the water heater. This room is kind of like a sauna when the heat is on, it gets really warm.

This is the spare room. We used to have a roommate, but she bailed out on us way back in October. Now it is just an empty room.
Here is our bathroom. You can see here that the bathtub is elevated just like at our old apt.
My bedroom.
And Avery's room.
He has a pretty nice set up this year with a couch in his room and a tv and video games all set up. It's almost looks like a little college dorm room. When he has friends over they sleep on the couch.

1 comment:

Kassia said...

I was wondering if you were ever gonna put up pics of what ur house looked like, I've always wondered about that. I will show my dad that pic of the water tank, he's always interested in sh*t like that, as u already know;)

luv ya!