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Monday, March 30, 2009

Emmonak Dancers

Here is some video footage from Cama-i. These are traditional Yup'ik dancers. I took alot of other footage from the festival, but all the rest came out blurry for some reason. You can go back and look at the videos from last year if you are interested in more. Just go down the right side column to the previous post and go to March 2008 and april 2008.


1 comment:

Fred Synder said...

How do we contact your group for an invitation to our "Thunder in the Desert 2012" epic event for 10 days in Tucson,Arizona? we need dancers. Call us or write us, info@usaindianinfo.org see our website at www.usaindianinfo.org
Fred Synder
National Native American Co-op