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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Around the house...this one's for you Kevin!

When I was in Ohio this summer, my friend Kevin was disappointed that I hadnt taken more pics of our old house. So, I went walking around the house today and took these shots. The house is a three bedroom out on the edge of town in a subdivision called Tundra Ridge. Just like most of the houses in Bethel, the yard is not manicured. It just grows wild. Basically, whatever grows grows. I'll take more pics of the inside of the house when we get completely settled. We're pretty happy with the house. It is coming together very nicely. I spent the evening tonight hanging shelves, hooks, coat racks, and pictures on the walls.
Right outside in our driveway, we have a bunch of these plants that I think are very neat looking. They are much more colorful than the picture displays. Anyone know what they are?And, of course, our massive open tundra for a backyard is full of berries. All you have to do is stand on the edge of the property and you can see a ton of berries. I'm looking forward to doing some more berry picking this weekend.
After the first frost, I'm hoping to also get some cranberries. There are lots of them out there in the tundra, but I've heard that they are better (sweeter?) after the frost. For now, the blueberries need a pickin' anyhow.
Here are some neighborhood kids hangin' around at the little playground right across the street from our house.
And a better close up view of the house. We've got an awesome wrap around deck that we can't enjoy because the bugs are soooooooo bad. Have I mentioned that I literally feel like I'm being eaten alive? Yes? Well, that's cause I do. For some reason all of the gnats are attracted to me. Avery and Chandra are fairly bite free. I am so used to being bitten that I've started feeling as though I'm being bitten even when I'm not. Hopefully they'll go away soon. We didnt have bugs like this last year. We've been having some really nice weather lately. Sunny and almost 70 today. I wanted to open the windows, but the gnats are small enough that they can get through. A friend told me that if you spray the screens with cooking spray that they cant get in. So, today when I couldnt keep the windows closed any longer, I tried it. and guess what? I totally worked. When I closed the window tonight, I noticed that the screen is covered with little dead gnat bodies. Gross, but way better than being eaten alive.
In other news...

Today was the first real day of school (yesterday was for the JH only). For some reason we keep forgetting to take a first day of school picture. Maybe I can get one tomorrow. My classes are great so far. Avery seems to be really doing well and enjoying the whole JH atmosphere. I really think that we're going to have a great year.

Sunlight update...the sun is still rising around 6:30am and not quite setting until around 11:30pm. so the days are still long and it's still hard to get to bed at night. Life is good!


Kassia said...

That picture of the plants that you can't identify? Yeah, they look like animal tails. That is what I would call them.

alisha said...

animal tails it is then...

thanks kas!

Oh...and BTW...you REALLY need to get a me a new photo of you and Adam. the only one i have includes a certain someone that we wont mention.

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Alisha, I hope you get settled into your new house comfortably---I've always enjoyed that sense of making a new house my own by putting things in their places. Is that like animals peeing to mark their territories? By the way, thanks for adding us to your bloglist!