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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Before I go...

Here are some of the fun things we did these last two weeks that I never got a chance to write about. My first day here, we made these caterpillars. It was a craft project that I thought the kids would enjoy. Here's how it's done...you mix some grass seed and dirt together and stuff it inside of a knee high stocking. Tie the end off and put rubberbands around it's body at intervals for the body segments of the caterpillar. Glue on some googly eyes and stick in some pipe cleaners for antennae. Just water then and watch them grow grassy hair. Here are our caterpillars after we first put them together. We even gave them little feet.

Here are our caterpillars after they started to grow some grassy hair. Once the "hair" starts to get long the kids can cut it in patterns and what not.
We had some left over soil, so we planted a few pots of flowers to set out front of their new house. A couple days later, they brought in big machines and had a cement patio built in the back of the house. Nathan was just entranced by the bull dozer. He sat there and watched for an hour.
When they had the cement poured, we went out (at the request of Kevin) and put there hand prints in it. They kids thought that was pretty cool.
Here they are on the dried cement patio with their handprints in it.
Well, I had a great time while I was here. Kevin, Edije, and I went out to dinner last night. I was nice to spend some quiet time with them before I left. We got to laughing so hard at dinner that I almost choked and died! Edije laughed so hard she was crying. And Kevin's face turned bright red from laughing. Good times!

More good times to come...I'm headed to Chicago today!

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