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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wizards Baseball!

I went to another FW Wizards game on Friday night. It was a good time even though the Wizards got stomped on. They played terribly all night, but at least the beer was cold!There were fireworks after the game and I finally figured out how to work the shutter speed on my camera. So, I was able to get a couple decent shots of the pyrotechnic action.

They gave away Wizards hats to the first however many people to enter the stadium, which is cool because they are getting a new stadium downtown next year and have apparently decided to change their name as well. So, this will be the last year for Wizards memorabilia....future collectors item right here, folks!
And your baseball hat model this evening is none other than...ME! I probably should have put on makeup before I took these pics. Oh, well! These are the things you resort to doing when you're bored! This and taking midnight walks with your dog, watching netflix, and spending to much time BSing around online.
In other news...I bought our tickets back to Bethel yesterday. Thanks to Alaska Airs milage plan, I paid $10 for two tickets that would have otherwise cost over $1000. I cant believe it's that time all ready. School supplies are in stock at Walmart and I've got to get some school clothes shopping in before we leave, esp for Avery who has officially grown out of everything he owns. It wont be long before he's taller than me!

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