"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's talk politics...

Why not? Everybody's doing it these days. Edits added on July 24th.

My friend and I got into a fairly heated discussion tonight about Barack Obama and John McCain....among other things. My friend suggested that I take a look at what Obama had to say about nationalizing education on his website and I said I would to which he replied, "I know you will." I guess he knows me pretty well because the first thing I did when I got home was check out Obama's website. But to be fair, I checked out McCain's website too. Everything in italics was copied and pasted word for word directly from one of the two websites.

Brian...Never once did Obama say that he was going to nationalize education or that teachers would be federal employees or that there would longer be school boards. The word 'national' was used twice when talking about education. FYI...

1st...He will also create a voluntary national performance assessment so we can be sure that every new educator is trained and ready to walk into the classroom and start teaching effectively.

2nd...Make math and science a national priority.

Moving on...When looking at the websites, I think you can get a pretty good feel for each candidate. I am going to present some of the things I noticed when viewing both websites. I am going to try to present the good and bad of both equally without adding much opinion to it, but I dont know how well I'll be able to do that. I'm adding in some opinion now. It'll be in yellow if you havent guessed. Here goes....

Right off the bat when you enter the websites of each candidate, there is a striking difference in the content and layout of the home page.

McCain's homepage...
First thing that I noticed... pictures and a video of Barack Obama taking center stage. Why is a video of Barack taking center stage. I thought this was McCain's website. Oh, that's right, McCain's whole campaign is based on why you shouldnt vote for Obama, not why you should vote for him.

Other things I noticed...
  • 6 links for you to Donate or Contribute money and they stand out Seems like all this man cares about is money
  • website is very busy with lots of places to click and lots of links to stuff and lots of visual stimulation with pictures, animated advertisements, and interactive links when i enter this website, i get the feeling that they are trying to amuse or entertain me, not inform me of the candidates political opinions...is he trying to insult the intelligence of the voting population?
  • you can play the game 'pork invaders' I though voting age was 18, not 10? Why does he have a game on his website
  • you can vote for his poster contest He cant make a decision about his poster on his own, but we should trust him will our country. No, seriously, again I feel like he is trying to distract us from his agenda by playing games and holding contests.
  • navigation of the site is set up across the top of the website and easily accessible, but maybe a bit hard to notice with all the other stuff going on maybe if he's lucky we'll be distracted by all the other stuff and wont read about how he's going to keep spending 25 billion every month on fighting in Iraq while still managing to lower taxes
  • you can select which edition of the website you want to view depending on if you are a supporter, undecided, or unregistered voter Need i say more?
  • Obama is mentioned twice on the homepage I think McCain talks about Obama more than he talks about himself
  • the center feature has four choices but doesnt scroll between them like you would expect poor web design
  • you can watch his new commercial or listen to his most recent radio speech, but not the previous speeches not only is this again insulting to the intelligence of his voters, but why is he spending so much time and money on commercials?...oh, that's right, because he has to spend all of his campaign money fast so that he can apply for public funding for his campaign, that way not only do we get to hear him try to degrade Obama and BS his way out of coming up with any formal presidential agenda, but we get to pay for it too
  • a link with a picture of his wife states you can read about her travels isnt she pretty? and she does so much good in this world and she's a successful business owner (of a beer distributor)...I think I'd rather have her as president than him. Oh, and BTW...McCain has 7 kids, but only 4 with her, but he never comes right out and says it. You have to put it together yourself. I wonder who his first wife is voting for? Oh, wait, I wonder how many wives he's had?
  • you can sign up family and friends in several locations and view his McCain space Again...how old are we? quit putting all this BS on you site and get down to the issues
  • there is a link to register you to vote that takes you to another page within his website hmmm...another page on his website...i dont think that's where i'd want to register to vote
  • no mention of his plan for Iraq, only mention of Iraq has to do with Obama quit talking about Obama already...it's really getting old. He talks alot about supporting the troops and Bushes plan, but I have yet to read about his actual plan for Iraq
  • many mentions and links to finances, jobs, and economy this really hits home right now and plays to peoples needs in the economy that we're facing. it's great that he has ideas about American jobs, but what about everything else.
  • decision center allows a side by side glance of McCain and Obama on the major issues Be careful though...he overly praises himself and lies/exagerates about Obamas stance on the issues...read Obama website to find out about Obama, not McCains
  • can read the latest articles about McCain, but not past articles I would like to be able to read all past articles and view all speeches, etc...why do I always feel like he wants us to know as little as possible about him?
  • Like on the link where you can read about him....all he talks about is his military career...what about everything else? childhood, parents, marriages, religion....I cant help but feel like he's leaving alot of stuff out.
Obama's homepage...
First thing that I noticed...a quote from Barack..."I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington...but in yours." I think that's a nice quote. I really like the way we focuses on YOUR/OUR role in OUR country. It's not about him...it's about all of us.
  • the centerpiece of the website scrolls between the features good web design
  • there are two places you can click to donate, both are quite inconspicuous yes, money is nice, but it's not everything...at least someone understands that
  • the register to vote tab links you to the 'rock the vote' website A reputable website that encourages people to vote...blue or red.
  • there are several places to click to volunteer or get involved emphasis on getting involved with more than just your wallet...with your brain and your talents too
  • the navigation of the site is set up across the top and easy to see and use allows easy exploration of the site and the issues that he represents
  • the website has a nice professional feel, is streamlined, not too busy, everything is easy to see and find I dont feel like I'm being entertained or placated...I feel like his campaign is a serious matter and that he fews it as such
  • he has a link that thanks Hillary Clinton and another that welcomes her supporters very nice gesture and respectful to hillary and her supporters...it shows he has some class
  • link to the national voter protection takes you to another page within his website would prefer it to link to an outside source
  • there are no games or contests why would there be...i'm not here to be amused...i'm here to read about your stance on the issues
  • there are no references to McCain, even in the 'stop the smears, spread the truth' link again...very classy...at least one candidate isnt afraid to tackle the real issues and share his outlook about the issues with the American people
  • there is no link to read about his wife It's his campaign, the focus should be on him, but it would be nice to learn a little more about her, maybe in the "get to know Barack" link
  • there is not option to change the contents of the page depending on if you're a supporter or not Duh? Why would there be? You shouldnt change what you have to say depending on who's listening
  • there are several links to search for events and find out what's going on in your state again...an emphasis in getting involved in politics...on making the whole process of campaigning and election important regardless of your political affiliation
  • you can view speeches and presentations that he has given on various issues you can view all speeches and all presentation on all kinds of topics...nothing to hide here
  • link to his plan for Iraq is prominently displayed these are not just ideas...they are plans..and yes, they are sometimes changing with the situation, but isnt that how it should be? times change, situations change,and i for one want a president that can change with it
  • Obama store is featured at the bottom of the page another way to support Obama. and a way for him to earn money to be sure, but it's all the way at the bottom of the page and takes a backstage to the important stuff
  • links to Obama on various internet site like myspace, you tube, facebook, and flicker are down at the bottom agian...these are all the way at the bottom...they are there for people to link to if they want, but not a major component of the site...not a priority
  • can read the latest articles about Obama and links to all other articles everything out in the open for you to read...no secrets...no BS
  • link to listening to America allows you to have your two cents, as does comments section of his blog he's actually willing to listen to the citizens that he represents...how many other presidential candidates have done that? He has a genuine interest in the American people
I'm pretty sure I know who I'll be voting for. Thanks Brian for suggesting that I check out the websites. I'm so glad I did. I hope that you do too.

But PLEASE, whatever you do, make your own decision. do your own research on the candidates and formulate your own opinion rather than just assuming the opinions of a radio talk show host or a tv persona. PLEASE...make your own informed decision!
I might add to this post later or maybe write another post of some of the things I noticed in the rest of the site, but just from a quick visit to each candidates homepage on their sites, you can get a sense of the world of difference between each candidate and what's important to each of them.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great analysis Alicia. Tanks for writing this. Now I will go look too.

I can hardly believe your summer is almost over. I have so enjoyed reading about it.

Life here is getting more calm and better too. I know I made the right choice for me for now.

Have safe journeys and keep posting.