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Friday, May 30, 2008

And by the way....

I did end up getting a cell phone to use over the summer. If anyone wants the number just post a comment or email me and I'll get it to you.

Weather update...
It was in the 80's today (Bethel was in the 60's today, which is pretty dang warm too) and it felt HOT! I cant believe I'm such a snow bird now. I am enjoying the heat though and wearing shorts and tank tops. And sandals...gosh, how I missed sandals! We are expecting a pretty major storm tonight with the possibility of tornadoes and all. GOSH, how I missed thunder storms! I've got all the windows thrown open. I cant wait to hear the rain falling and the thunder cracking. The sweet smell of rain is already in the air. I love it!

Sunlight update...
We've got about 16 hours of daylight here which is great! In Bethel, they're up to almost 22 hours of daylight. I'll take 16 hours of Warm Sun over 22 hours of cold sun any day!

What else?
I got my hair cut today! First time for about a year! It feels nice. I kept it pretty long, dont know why, but I'm liking it long lately. I usually get it all chopped off for the summer.

I went bowling last night. Had dinner at pizza hut. Drove on paved roads. Stared out the window at the beautiful huge tree out in front of the library while I was getting my teeth cleaned today. I love the dentist! I know there are lots of people who dont like to go to the dentist, but I so look forward to it. My teeth are super clean right now and I love it!

I've got a job interview with the temp agency here in town on Monday. The idea of working through the temp agency popped into my head the other day and I thought, "What a great idea!" That way, if they call me for a job and I already have other plans with friends or whatever, I can just say no. Sounds like the perfect plan, but we'll see how it goes!

We ended up giving Avery's dog Bailey away to a family right up the street. Avery has gradually been losing interest in her since we got her and since we've been here, he pretty much has had NO interest in her whatsoever. Mom wouldnt let him have the dog at her place, so it was time to find her a family that could give her more time than we could. They seem like a really great family. They have a boy with down's syndrome and Bailey is going to be his dog. They also have a nice fenced in yard for her to run and play in. I've seen her out there running around a couple of times when I've driven by.

I picked up a couple new shorts and tank tops today. YAY!

My internet is superfast compared to Bethel. I love it!

I dont have any furniture in my living room. I'm sitting on the floor right now. When I left last summer, I sold everything thinking that there was NO WAY that i would ever come back here agian, but life had different plans. Thankfully, I didnt sell my bed.

If I havent had a chance to see you yet since i've been home, just drop me a line and let's get together. I dont really have anything going on this weekend! I've been home a week already...geez, this summer is already flying by.

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Anonymous said...

So happy you are settling in for the summer. Alaska truly allows you to appreciate so many things there and here in the lower 48.

How is Taboo doing without Bailey? Sounds like you found her a wonderful home. I still miss my dogs but can't have pets here....

My life has settled down some for now (thank you Jesus!) Did I tell you my dad died April 1st? He was ready to go (89 1/2) and I am happy he is free to enjoy his heavenly home with my mom again. I miss him and will have a harder time this year at Father's Day. Still I have much to be thankful for.

Keep blogging. Good luck with temping. Another good idea.....

Edna in Florida