"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Isnt it fitting that I would write my 200th blog post from the Anchorage airport? I sure think so. Well, I've made it this far....we'll be boarding our flight to Seattle in about a half hour or so. I'm feeling really sleepy and my ears wont pop. It's really buggin me alot. I think I might be getting sick. I hope not cause I've got a pretty busy weekend planned. I cant wait to step out of the airport in Chicago and feel warmth. and see trees. and grass. to drive on paved roads.

I worked up to the very last minute possible on cleaning and packing the apartment. Everything is pretty set for the summer. I cant wait to see everyone (have I mentioned that before?) and just to be back in the Lower 48 for awhile. I deleted all the pics in my camera so I can start from scratch for the summer.

I guess I'll say goodbye for now to the land of the midnight sun, but I'll be back.

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