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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stupid Truck

Yesterday morning(Monday), my truck wouldnt start. I had to call a cab, which drove half way around the city before dropping me off, and got to school about 5 minutes before the bell rang. This morning I drove my truck into a shallow ditch on the side of the road and got stuck in three feet of snow. The little ditch was filled with snow and you couldnt tell where the edge of the road was. I went a little too far right and slid right over the edge. The maintenance man at the school was kind enough to pull me out with the school truck and a chain. He was also kind enough to let me know that I wasnt the first one to end up in that little ditch. Needless to say, I got to school this morning about 5 minutes before the bell rang.

So, I find myself wondering why I brought my truck here. I mean, I know why, but it just seems like it's more of a hassle to even have it anymore. With all the money I had to drop to get it here and get it ready for winter, and now all the hassle it's been lately...it's just aggravating. I can say, though, that I am glad that I'm not stuck walking everywhere, especially in this cold.

Weather update...it's 30 degrees ABOVE ZERO today. Two days ago it was negative 30. It's 60 degrees warmer today than just two days ago. 60 degrees! Unbelievable! We never did get that blizzard everyone was talking about. I'm ok with that though.

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Mr. Iverson said...

Have you heard of the 300 club? Thats when you go from a really hot sauna/steam and run outside into like negative 100 degree weather. If you can go from 150 to -150 then you're in the club. Now you're in the 60 club. Nice work.