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Friday, January 18, 2008

Concert...Bethel Style

We went to the K300 benefit concert on Wednesday night. It was just a small gathering of about 200 or so people, all watching a couple of people sing and play strings instruments. It's not what most people would call a concert...more like, watching some musicians perform...which, I suppose, is the definition of a concert. It was held at the cultural center and admission was $10. The guy in this picture only performed 3 songs. He is a local artist.These two were the main course. They are a husband and wife team from Juneau. She used to live in Bethel years ago and was invited back to come play this concert. The played folk music with a guitar, violin, and mandolin mostly. They were pretty good and it was nice to get out and do something different for a change. I'm really excited about the K300...it starts tonight.
Taboo is starting to accept Bailey. He's cuddling and playing with her more, although, he still snaps at her occasionally too. Last night they played for hours with Taboo chasing her around the house. She's still small enough to hide under the coffee table, but not for long. She keeps slamming her head into it.
She is getting so big. I think she's probably tripled in size since we got her. She had her first round of shots and an ear mite infestation. The doctor gave us some stuff to put in her ears and now she's holds her left ear kinda funny.

Weather and sunlight update: It's 18 degrees right now. There's another blizzard warning, but it's for the coast. We are about 40 miles up river from the coast, so it doesnt look like we'll be getting any of it. I'm loving the above zero temps we're getting right now. It feels warm. We are up to 6hours 42minutes of daylight. Tomorrow will be 4minutes and 23seconds longer. The shortest day of the year was just about a month ago and we've already gained about an hour and a half of daylight. It's so nice!

Speaking of celestial bodies...the moon is up all the time now. Today it rose at 12:04pm(that's about noon, dont get confused) and wont set again until 8:20am tomorrow morning. About a week or so ago, it rose in the morning and didnt even have a set time. It's almost a full moon, at about 85%, so the mushers should have some light to see by this weekend while they run their races.

Lastest read...Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. An interesting memoir about what it's like to live the life of a teacher...always struggling, always trying to do more and better for your students, always hoping/wondering if you are making a difference. Would recommend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Love your updates.

-26 Field trips and walking...our northern Wisconsin schools close around -10 with a good wind chill and if the sun happens to be shining we're screwed out of a "snowday"!

You should enter Taboo and Bailey's picture in a mag., priceless! The little ones learn from their elders and now Taboo appeared comfortable and rewarded with Bailey as a heating blanket!
With our "cold wave" coming, it was mentioned to make sure your pets are taken care of. I only hope Chandra's "Holli" is comfortable enough on her side of the couch!

Have a good time tomorrow and look forward to your clips.