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Monday, January 14, 2008

Blizzard warning

It's 3 above zero today and because it's warm we are getting some snow. In fact, there is a blizzard warning for tonight. We just had a "what if we need to delay/cancel school tomorrow" meeting. We have a phone tree just for things like this, but the principal suggested that because we were talking about it meant that it wouldnt happen. School is rarely, if ever, delayed or cancelled here. The weather underground forecast says that we are supposed to get 1-3 inches today and 2-5 inches after midnight. I hope so. I love the snow. Fresh powder is the best...and we're due for some weather. We havent had anything but sunny days for dang near a month now.

In other news...my truck wouldnt start this morning. I dont think it was because of the cold. It was plugged in all night last night. Not to mention that it started fine yesterday when it was -30 and this morning it was only -5. I think there is water in the gas that has frozen the gas line. Everyone tells me to get this stuff called Heat to pour into the gas tank. I guess I'll finally have to do that.

I'm officially signed up to help at the finish line during the K300. I've mentioned the K300 a few time on here, if you still dont know what it is then you should click the link under my list of links to check out. I'm excited about volunteering and just about having something to do. There is a meeting tomorrow night(tuesday) for the volunteers. I'll find out then what exactly i'll be doing. I've signed up for the earliest finish line slot in hopes to get a chance to meet the really famous mushers that come to race the K300 as a qualifier for the Iditarod, such as Jeff King(4time Iditarod champ), Mitch Seavey, and Martin Buser(fastest Iditarod ever). In fact, 5 out of 10 of last years top 10 Iditarod runners will be here to run the K300 this year. How exciting. I'll have lots of pics and video for you after it all takes place this weekend.

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