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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Number 18: Double my savings cushion

Thanks to a resigning bonus last month and a deferment by my student loans for two months while they processed my loan forgiveness application, I have officially doubled my savings cushion!

Further good financial news...
I received a loan forgiveness of $17,500 off my student loans for working as a science teacher for 5 years in a Title 1 school.

I am really close to paying off both my Ohio house and one of my credit cards (number 2 on my bday list).

I've got a roommate this year who is splitting half of the costs and saving me at least $1000 per month!!!

I'm still working my second job at the college one night each week, which is earning me a little extra to put toward my financial goals as well.

Feeling really positive about my financial future :)

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